Friday, July 10, 2009

~LiFe aS a fResHie vol.1~

On 27th June 2009,I registered to UMS or University Malaysia Sabah.Well, I never expect n never ever cross my mind to enter this university.hikhikhik Maybe just because I heard a lot of negative thought from people around me.hahaha I wondering,is it true??? hmmm
maybe I'll find out in a few months...right??sOoOo juSt wait for the next update.InsyaAllah

Monday 29th June 2009,we (all the freshie) start our orientation week.At UMS we called it MSM or Minggu Suai Mesra.bak kata abg Jeff "saja maw mesra2".hikhikhik (2 abg jeff, if u read this don't angry r)hahah hMMm well,sincerely I hate it!!! ya laa not enough rest,have to stay up late,being yelled (eeeeeeeerrrrrghhh!!hate it much)!!!not our fault!!!but still have some fun activities...such as RIADAH wif NC...aerobic laa..BEST!!!mostly the chicken dance..hahahaha
One more thing was MALAM PERSEMBAHAN BAKAT..the SPS(sekolah pengajian seni) students made a drama of sabahan wedding...more to musical drama..because there was Sabah traditional dance such as Zapin Brunei,Sumazau,Limbai n more...Oso got..they oso sang dusun song..PROTON SAGA KELABU..hahah the perfomance more to promote or to show other peoples about sabahan languages n tradition..there was oso dikir barat..because in the story a dusun girl want to get married wif a kelantan guy..hehe hmm well, i can't understand well laa the kelantan loghat..hikhikhik hard to understand maa..The best part is,when our NC n his wife been invited to 'menepung tawar' the pengantin..then they dance on the stage!!!!!when Slamat pengantin baru song was played...perrrrgggggghhh! Respect!!soooooo sporting...everybody shouting...hahahahaha can't believe it...

Sadly,I got no pictures during the MSM...huhuhu sooo..there is nothing to be show except for the memory that I can keep..Owh yaa,one more thing make me proud to be UMS community is.......we have an expensive Canselor hall...hahahaaha No laa..its not the point..
My point is, every event held in that hall should follow few procedurs,such as stand up and clapping hand while the VVIP comes in,sing lagu Negaraku n UMS..such like a high class ceremony..But I guess yes it was..Mostly AKU JANJI!!!SOOOOOO PROUD!!! hikhikhik hmmm...what ever it is,I got so many experince during the MSM..thanks for all PSM yaa..I guess volume 1 END here...

to be continue...

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  1. well a good blog just that no picture
    maybe if have a few picture to show how interesting when u r studying at UMS